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World Day of Architecture 2012

Dear fellow architects, The history of humanity shows a constant process of « urbanisation ».

The scale of settlement has changed in this process, various issues
have occurred, and through history been solved one by one: social
organization, nourishment, water, sanitation, traffic. Architects took
part to the process, and built landmarks. Cities have gained their
identity, and their soul.
By now, more than 50% of the worlds inhabitants live in cities, by
2050 the rate will reach 70%. The process has reached an almost out
of control momentum, and society has to anticipate, to find new ways
of life, new behaviours, other schemes of social organization, other
development strategies. 
UIA has always been involved in the search of these new paradigms,
and architects can and must make the difference. 
Each of us has ideas, we can design these ideas, and we have to
convince everybody including ourselves that these ideas are the good
To check ideas with the communities is part of the social role of
architects, it is their task. Today, 2012 World Architecture Day, I invite
all the architects of the world to share this vision with the UIA and to
practice and behave as responsible city changers.
I wish you all a great World Day of Architecture.
Albert Dubler
UIA Presidepályázatokról (1331/2012 IX.7.).

Utolsó módosítás: 2012.10.04 14:24

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